Moisture Rentention is Key

Even Distribution is Essential

Hydrolock Covered Irrigation

The robust cone structure of HydroLock ensures the growing medium retains as much moisture between watering as possible. Evaporation is reduced by over 30%, allowing roots to feed long after watering has occurred but still dry out properly.


HydroLock sprays in a 360 degree uniform pattern, offering perfect distribution around the entire surface of the growing medium.  Misting spray action mixes water with oxygen to give roots the optimal ratio for uptake. ke

Indoor Garden
Grow System Irrigation
Drip irrigaton

Dripright is committed to offering growers unique and reliable advancements in watering practices. HydroLock encompasses years of observations and research into the best watering method for cannabis: top feeding.  We have found that current top feeding products do not meet the standards healthy plants require. HydroLock solves many of these problems and gives the grower an extreme advantage when using drip irrigation. This advantage has proven to grow healthier roots, ultimately leading to a substantial increase in yield and costs savings


Stealth Growing

Introducing the Tornado Mist Spray sprayer, delivering more dependability and safety in your irrigation system than ever before. From vegetative to flowering plants, the Tornado sprayer offers consistency across the board.


The Tornado Mist Sprayer uses a vortex nozzle which creates a turbulent water flow throughout the large water passageway. Even at low flow rates, this design reduces clogging hazards greatly.

Depend on Tornado Mist Spray.

Operating pressure 20-40PSI. Mist Spray GPH options: 6 and 10

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