HydroLock Standard 10 inch is the flagship product behind HydroLock Covered Irrigation Systems. Each HydroLock comes equipped with 2 Tornado Mist Sprayers in 6GPH. Use 1 or 2 sprayers in each cone to customize your feeding to perfection.  The 10 Inch model fits perfect in 5, 7,and 10 gallon pots for full root zone coverage.  HydroLock works great in outdoor settings as well, offering protection to the plant stem and preventing weeds from growing within the cone perimeter. 

HydroLock Standard 10 Inch

  • 2 Tornado Mist Sprayer 6GPH with each HydroLock

  • HydroLock Covered Irrigation Systems require a minimum of 20PSI. Our pumps have been carefully chosen to provide the Tornado Mist Sprayer with optimal pressure for maximum covereage. 


    While some other pumps can produce this pressure, most submersible pumps are inadequate. We cannot gurantee the proper function of the Tornado Mist Sprayer with pumps outside what is offered with our systems.  Please ensure your pump can produce 20PSI in your system, or consider purchasing one of our selected pumps in our accessories page. 


DripRight Hydrolock irrigation system

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