HydroLock Covered Irrigation 6 Plant kit contains everything you need (except long PVC and reservoir) to turn any garden into an automated watering powerhouse.  This quick install kit allows the grower to irrigate like a PRO using 1/2 inch PVC in many different configurations and layout designs.  


The HydroLock Covered Irrigation sytem offers growers complete control with precesion feedings and water source security. This kit will help the grower conserve water and reduce energy consumption by lowering indoor humidity.  Combine this system with a timer and pressure guage to completly automate and monitor your feedings. 

6 Plant Irrigation Kit

  • 6 HydroLock Standard 10 inch

    1 In-Line 45 PSI water pump

    12 Tornado Mist Sprayers 6GPH

    1 Manifold Bubbler Assembly

    50 Feet Vinyl 1/4 Tubing

    Kit Installation Guide (View Here)

    • Connect to 1/2 PVC or Garden hose (connections included)
    • Max Pressure 45PSI
    • 3.3 GPH Flow Rate
    • Includes wall outlet plug for ease of use
    • Can run dry
    • Quiet operation
    • Low amp draw
    • Industry standard mount pattern
    • Built in check valve
    • Thermally protected
    • Easy connect fitting
    • 4 Year Warranty


DripRight Hydrolock irrigation system

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