HydroLock Irrigation Kits

HydroLock is the most advanced top feeding solution for all plants. As engineers and growing enthusiasts, we have found many problems with watering products that lead to disappointing results.  HydroLock has been designed out of necessity to offer gardeners and plants a refreshing and effective watering experience.


The secret is in the spray! HydroLock comes equipped with the reliable Tornado Mist Sprayer. This sprayer has no moving parts to wear out, break, or jam. It will not clog with nutrients or substrates passing through.  The perfect 360 degree mist pattern combined with the structure of HydroLock ensures every bit of the soil surface receives an even distribution of water and nutrients.  The Tornado Mist Sprayer is offered in several different GPH (Gallon Per Hour) options, allowing complete customization and control over your watering needs.

HydroLock Standard 10 Inch

6 Pack - $19.99

12 Pack - $39.98

24 Pack - $79.96

48 Pack - $159.84

Each HydroLock comes equipped with 2 Tornado Mist Sprayers in 6GPH


All in One Pro Growing Kits

4 Year


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