Frequently asked questions

Why does HydroLock have 2 sprayer ports?

HydroLock has two sprayer ports because it has 2 identical halves to create one unit. This allows you to use 1 or 2 Tornado Sprayers in various combinations to create many different GPH ratings for your specific needs.

What pressure is best for the Tornado Sprayer?

20-40PSI. All HydroLock kits come standard with a 20PSI pressure regulator attached to the manifold head.

Is HydroLock BPA free?

Yes. As well as UV Stabalized for durability.

Does HydroLock come in different sizes?

We currently have the Standard 10 inch model, with more sizes and shapes coming soon.

How long does the Tornado Sprayer last?

The Tornado Sprayer has no moving parts to wear out or break. We reccomend replacing each sprayer after each cycle, or simply cleaning with a santizing solution. As long as they stay cleaned, they can last for many years.

Do you have international shipping?

Yes. We ship to over 40 countries.

Do you offer a warranty?

Our pump used for our smaller kits has a 4 year warranty. Our larger pump has a 1 year warranty.